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UPS Shield for Raspberry Pi that almost works – UPS HAT V2 [don’t buy it]

дата January 30, 2021

Two shields and two dead drives was enough for me to understand that everything Suptronics does of shields for uninterruptible power supply for the Raspberry Pi is hellish shit. Two x705 and x725 boards are constantly in the battery charge state, after one day they cut off the power and discharged the battery to zero, thus killing two USB drives. It is not clear why the infinite row has not faced Suptronics yet, on the product page on their wiki there are a lot of comments “mine does not work”. для x705, для x725,

Today, thanks to my sponsor, I have a Geekworm shield Raspi Smart UPS HAT V2 on closer inspection, it turned out to be the same shit as Suptronics! Its problem is that when you switch from battery power to source (when power returns) it can either turn off the RPI or restart it…

Battery -WZ 784260 +3,7V 2600mAh 9.62Wh

Integration with my DIY case
UPS HAT V2 insert in case from this item Home server on Raspberry Pi 4 with NVMe, RTC, UPS in a DIY case!

There is no button connection on UPS HAT V2, I solder the contacts to the board as in the picture; the place is important.

The micro USB connector was already removed. I have connect CC1 and CC2 to have 3A, as it says on the board.

I soldered the pins to the button to connect it to the UPS HAT V2. I also wanted to connect a lamp to the button, but it is 12V, and there is no such source in UPS HAT V2

I connect Raspberry and UPS HAT V2 with pins 2-6, that is, two 5V, ground and two I2C. It is important to connect two 5Vs, this reduces unwanted RPI cuts when power is restored.

UPS HAT V2 Faults

If you set the operating mode switch to OFF , the button will turn the shield on and off. Then you switch from battery power to a current source (when power returns) it shuts down or reboots the Raspberry PI with 30-50% probability

If you set the operation mode switch to ON , UPS HAT V2 will always be on, supply power, and will not respond to the on/off button. Then switching from battery power to a current source (when power comes back) it shuts down or reboots the Raspberry PI with a 10-15% probability

Monitoring UPS HAT V2
The shield transmits its state through I2C
It is necessary to enter the RPI menu to enable
sudo raspi-config

Next on the menu
-Interfacing Options

Install Phyton
sudo apt-get install -y python-smbus i2c-tools

Edit the line with the battery capacity.
i have 2600


sudo python ./
5 seconds later the result will appear

 Voltage: 4.239 V - Current: 0.0 A -  SOC: 100 %

Here is a lot of useful information. According to the current A readings, you can understand that the electricity has been turned off, then the values are negative. If there is current, and the battery is charging you see positive value, and if it is already charged the value is 0. Load in percentage is also useful!

Summary: UPS HAT V2 would be a good UPS shield solution for Raspberry Pi if it were stable. Geekworm already has a new UPS3 model comments are optimistic, people are trying to figure out how it works . But, it is better to forget the autonomous operation of the Raspberry Pi until they take out an official UPS shield themselves, everything artisan available in the market does not work like UPS!

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