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Testing 52Pi ICE Tower coolers for Raspberry Pi 4!

дата August 24, 2020

Is a cooler necessary for the Raspberry Pi 4? Sure: any fan or radiator will do. And I will try the biggest and coolest tower coolers from 52Pi!

ICE-Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi SKU: EP-0107
It looks big but it has only one copper tube. About the cooler: fasteners are well thought out, they do not interfere with the assembly of multi-layer structures, and hold on tight.

Low Profile Ice Tower Cooler SKU: EP-0112
Excellent cooler, two copper tubes, small size compared to previous one. The fan blows to rpi, which is good too. About the cooler:

Square radiator for Raspberry Pi 4B SKU: ZP-0038
A small heatsink and a cooler, which sticks to the CPU. About the cooler:

Armor Case For RPi 4B/3B/3B+ without Fan SKU: ZP-0074
Passive piece of metal. About the metal piece: For me, the main disadvantage is that you cannot assemble multi-layer structures with it!

I will test it in two states, normal and overclocked.
I will overclock according to the official instructions of raspberry magazine

You have to edit the file
sudo vi /boot/config.txt

add lines


Reboot and now the Raspberry Pi runs at 2Mhz instead of 1.5Mhz

I’ll create the load like this
stress -c 6 -t 30m
in half an hour the stress will end on its own

I will collect the temperature and write it to a file using a script. Also, the processor frequency is written to the file; I thought it would shrink due to overheating, but this didn’t happen at all!

while true;
date=`/bin/date +"%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S"`
freq=`cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq`
temp=`/usr/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp | /usr/bin/awk -F "=|'" '{print $2}'`
/bin/echo "$date;$temp;$freq" >> /home/pi/cpu_temp.log
sleep 5;

for script starts in the boot must be added to
sudo crontba -e
a linea

@reboot /bin/sh /home/pi/

All results in one graph

The most effective is Low Profile Ice Tower, not much more than a full Ice Tower. Armor Case passed along the 85 degree edge, about which processor deceleration should have started, but it hasn’t!

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