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Review of Edge-V MAX as a TV Box for Netflix!

дата August 10, 2020

From the previous review, it was clear that Khadas with a standard cooling system cannot be used as a TV box, but if you create your own cooling system, you can give it a try!

If it hase ypur favorite TV shows, you don’t need to explain why I chose it. You just need to find out in advance if they are there, and you should not wait if there is a movie from the franchise, there are others, for example, on Netflix there is Despicable Me 1 and 2, and the third and the movie about Minions are not there! A subscription to two devices (you can watch on two at the same time) and HD costs 10 dollars a month, the first month is free, but you must indicate a real bank card when registering. HD is sufficient for televisions with a resolution of 1920 × 1080.

Khadas Edge-V MAX review with a focus on Linux and peripherals!

I must say right away that there is no way to put the official Netflix app on Khadas, there are only tricky ways to do it!

Solving the Khadas Official Fan Problem
It has to be removed, but its piece of iron will do me good! I took a cooler from an old processor, a huge one, and cut it to fit between the elements of the Khadas Edge-V. From two plastics from the shell and caps from aliexpress, I assemble a structure that is crowned with an iron piece from the official fan, holding a homemade cooler!

The battery is sandwiched between two case covers

Khadas Edge-V MAX on Android
We take from here firmware android Pie Edge_Pie_V191227

We will burn it in Khadas eMMC. The first cable is ready to be connected to the power and the second USB-C is already connected to the PC, in my case to Ubuntu

1. Turn on Khadas
2. Press the center button on Khadas three times to switch to firmware recording mode.

rk-burn-tool -i update.img
starts burn

Burn to eMMC...
Rockchip Android image (or linux image compatible with AndroidTool one image burning) found!
Try to burn Rockchip image...
Loading firmware...
Support Type:RK330C	FW Ver:9.0.276	FW Time:2019-12-27 16:23:21
Loader ver:1.19	Loader Time:2019-12-27 11:33:17
Upgrade firmware ok.
Time elapsed: 2 minute(s).

Let’s start, the usual old Android 9 slightly adapted to Khadas!

There is no Netflix app on Google Play, that’s natural, because we don’t have a Google certified piece of hardware! If someone thought they can look through an internet browser like on a PC, NOT on Android!

But if you install Kodi, enter it and install this tripe addon there yes the got Netflix!

Like everything in Kodi, the Netflix add-on are also lists and folders.

Choose under which profile you enter (from here the images are redicted)

This is the main Netflix window on Kodi

Later, not everything is so stingy, some images appear

I launch the video, lets find what resolution it is

Why is it 960×540? It’s not 1920 × 1080 at all, and you can’t get them, no matter what settings you set.

The second disappointment: the sound lags, but you can always move it with your hands in the settings, but it turns out that this is a Kodi problem on the Amologic and Rockchip processors. It happens with all videos no matter if they are local or online!

Kodi system information

Advantages of Android in Khadas Edge-V MAX
– The official Yotube app works
– Khadas battery works

Cons of Android in Khadas Edge-V MAX
– No official Netflix app
– On Kodi, the sound is delayed.
– Netflix addon on Kodi is only 960×540 resolution

Khadas Edge-V MAX on Libreelec
We take from here Khadas Edge LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.2.3-khadas-edge.img.gz

This is not an image to write to eMMC, it is an image to write to an SD card!
And there are no instructions on how to write to eMMC for Edge, there are for VIM3 but its not applicable for Edge

I write the image in SD and turn on Khadas. The first time it loads for a long time, and then everything works slow, I noticed that it works very slowly if you need to access SD, for example – download screenshots via scp works at kilobytes speed!

Libreelec only works from a flash drive and doesn’t see 128Gb eMMC

Before installing the Netflix addon, you must install VideoPlayer InputStream from the Libreelec repository
Before coming to The Witcher, Netflix crashed five times! When I launched it, it offered to download and install Widevine CDM, I don’t know what it is (it also puts it in a raspberry), but it installs it very strangely through Chrome OS

After that the video started, I look what resolution is

Hurrah! 1920 × 1080 HD resolution and note its the vp9 codec. The sound in the video is also delayed, but less, but better to correct it with your hands!
Libreelec advantages in Khadas Edge-V MAX
– In Netflix addon for Kodi, videos are played in HD 1920 × 1080

Cons of Libreelec in Khadas Edge-V MAX
– The official Yotube application does not work
– On Kodi, the sound is delayed.
– Khadas battery not working (didn’t check, probably not, as this is Linux)
– Monstrously low SD read speed
– Do not see eMMC
– Can’t write Libreelec to eMMC

Hey, what is Khadas Edge-V MAX good for? As a piece of hardware for Kodi, it loses to the Raspberry Pi 4 as a whole!
On Raspberry Pi 4, I also looked at how it plays videos

HD 1920 × 1080 resolution, codec is different h264

Of course the hardware is completely different

In general, of course, Netflix is most conveniently viewed on a tablet, where you can immediately stop and watch the word translate, or not stop, because Netflix works with picture in picture. And there are more features – no video download on Kodi!

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