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How to store critical data, at low cost, in Soft Mirror RAID in Ubuntu!

I have noticed one thing, I stopped paying attention to the best solutions in computer technology. Perhaps thanks to the understanding of own technical needs. Everything I have will soon turn 10 years old, some things have already fulfilled more! The shock and restlessness I had after installing Voodoo 2 and playing Quake II at 640×480 will no longer be possible, even with the 8K image. So I am updating something when, well, it has already died or should already die!

At home, the data traffic is not that large, so the server still works on SATA II. To store particularly valuable data, I used 2 HDDs in a duplicate software array, but they are already very old in 2008, that is also the reason why RAID works in mirror mode!

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Let’s beat spam calls via PSTN line with Asterisk with IVR by Grandstream ht813 on OrangePi PC Plus!

Surely you have a landline phone, probably, even if it is not connected and you do not use it! In my case, he hasn’t been working for more than two days, because some rookie musicians call me and play their music without even saying their names!

The idea is to connect this PSTN telephone line to the VOip Gateway FXS / FXO, pass calls to Asterisk IVR and then ask a simple question “If you are a person, press 7” and then the call goes to a phone.

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Let’s install Kodi Home Media Center on the RaspberryPi 4 in the Flirc case!

CAUTION: February 2020: Google completely blocks work of Yotube in Kodi!

For example, if you have an old TV, not Smart, and how do you see Youtube (see disclaimer) on it? Of course, any mini computer will be for thid, i used a Raspberry Pi 3B in RetroPi with passive cooling systrema, but I decided to make a dandy (a SNES clone usual in Russia in the 90-th years) with it, for a new player video I chose the most elegant option!

DISCLAIMER: Add-on Youtube for Kodi
Well, Yotube in Kodi is not like a smartTV, here are all the oddities, decide if you need it or not!
– There is no official YouTube add-on for Kodi, just like for the Google Movie
– I have to do additional setup to obtain good image quality
– It crashes quickly, writes that the quota (what quota?) has ended. It is necessary to go through Google developer registration, to solve it
– Cannot display ads
– He doesn’t like many buttons press, like rewind and exit – Kodi hangs up and restarts

I bought this kit at AmazonCanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Kit (2GB RAM) , surprisingly, the price still turned out to be cheaper than buying off-line (5000RUR without PSU and delivery)! The set costs $ 62.99 delivery $ 19.23 in hands, by courier!

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Orange PI PC as a Server in Armbian!

I has found an unfinished article, that’s why the Armbian is very old, but in that there are its advantages! I remade it and rewrote it a bit, and here is the server in Orange Pi Pc! Why this is a server? Because it is autonomous: it has a clock and can be connected to it directly, there is a safe power off, there is a temperature control of the processor with a fan and there is a screen with parameters as in real servers.

Just like that I upload an image from to Orange Pi Pc so as not to limit myself I made a special Orange Pi, by the way, the diagram is not as scary as it turned out in the photo.

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Test of the search engines Sphinx and Manticore for the phpBB3 forum!

Once again, I saved my forum from freezes by installing a search through Sphinx and was satisfied with everything, but here in the English version of the articleLets install a super fast search engine Sphinx in to phpBB3 forum! they asked me – Why not Manticore?

Manticore, a monster with a lion’s body, human head and scorpion tail, apparently symbolizes the torment of the developers of this engine! But, as I understand it, it is Sphinx itself, its first open source version (which I managed to install Sphinx 2.2.11-release Jul 19, 2016), which the creators left it, and the Manticores picked it up and they continued to develop it! All the advantages are described the main thing for me is that, unlike Sphinx2, it continues to improve.

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IoT in a big way: Own devices in esp8266 managed through Node-Red!

One article about Node-Red was not enough for me, I felt he could do more things … but how. Its simplicity bothers and helps. The speed of implementation definitely helps especially to test scripts for esp8266. So I set the task of doing a banal climate module: air quality, humidity, temperature and taking it to the street, and a controlled smart plug, also trivial but complicated, for example, to save the configuration, I had to convert the green to round and write it in the memory of esp8266, which does not exist !!!

I will not write in detail about Node-Red, allready described above here: IoT full-on: In ESP8266 with MQTT via Mosquitto through Node-RED!

It is installed, it also has an additional module and an instrument panel.

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IoT full-on: In ESP8266 with MQTT via Mosquitto through Node-RED!

At first, it seemeds to me as a simple and understandable task for a couple of days … noooo … but then the fear to a new concept passed, and again it seemed so simple, and then again it wasn’t!

I will decipher the title of the article: ESP8266 is the base of the device chip with WiFi interface, the MQTT computer client, MQTT is the communication protocol, it is old but you can make it safe (I will not), Mosquitto is the receiver and transmitter of messages that go from clients through MQTT – messages can be different from data to commands, Node-RED, and that is also an MQTT client because Mosquitto is only a transmitter (center), Node-RED is a Graphical programming interface (build what you want using bricks), works in Node.js, was developed by IBM (and abandoned?) for all-everything (for example you can pick up a message with Twitter hashtag – only with two bricks) .

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Lets test disk speed with fio and use the Chinese PCIE-SATA adapter on Marvell 88SE9125!

Old computers can still be useful for all kinds of server functions. Unfortunately, some are so old that they already have pregnant capacitors, but now it’s not about that! I wanted a little more HDD speed, but for this we must first measure its speed, and then connect some HDD to the new SATAIII, and I will do it!

Previously, I measured the speed with the sysbench program, it gave the result in one digit, that was worth in relation to other measurements! To say who is faster. But they changed something with a new update and there isn’t a single number now … So, I changed to fio and measured a lot of my stuff again!

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Lets install a super fast search engine Sphinx in to phpBB3 forum!

Surely the same thing happened to you. You make a website, it grows, Apache can’t take it anymore, you put Nginx, it pulls for a couple of years, then it starts to slow down MySQL, you buy more powerful hosting, it also rolls for a couple of years, but then it starts to slow down again and now In 15 years you discover that you only had to activate a module in PHP and everything would fly even without Sphinx!!! Don’t you?

How to understand what is slow in a phpBB forum?
If you have a forum with a couple of million posts, then it is clear that it will not work normally without optimization, even the creators of phpBB will say that the forum is too large for the search to work in the integrated engiens (by the way, themselves, recommend installing Sphinx in such cases).

You have to run on the server console

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Smart house monitoring with TelegramBot in Node.js!

I continued to develop the theme “I want to know the temperature and humidity of my room from anywhere in the world” and what else to choose than Telegram, that is well known now thanks to government bullying, let’s go step by step.

I will OrangePi Zero 512mb this one

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