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How to automatically turn on PC fans with Arduino according to temperature!

Previously, I made software solution to turn the fans on/off via a relay on the Arduino upon entering the operating system. It works on Ubuntu (off), it worked on Windows via PowerShell (on), but now it doesn’t want to work anymore … so why should we bind to the OS if we can hang a temperature sensor on the Arduino?

The Arduino will monitor the temperature itself and turn on additional fans. Using the serial port, it will be possible to turn on/off the fans manually, turn on/off the automatic mode, observe the temperature.

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Home server on Raspberry Pi 4 with NVMe, RTC, UPS in a DIY case!

What a home server needs is a fault tolerant power supply, a large and fast disk, good cooling, small size, mobility, well, to put it where there is at least power! This is what I will do: power supply through the X725 with 18650 batteries, the NVMe disk is excessively fast for USB3, the best cooling! And a sleek little case – there are no universal Raspberry pi cases, for all the stuffing, but you can take a standard one and tweak it!

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How to turn on additional fans on PC via Arduino!

I played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and again freaked out how the PC is getting hot! I have Windows exclusively for games, so I decided to turn on additional fans there, via Arduino, and in Ubuntu, where I enjoy “silence”, I will automatically turn them off! I will communicate with Arduino through the Serila port!

We need the following equipment:

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Installing http2 site on cloude(VPS) hosting HETZNER in Germany!

It is time to move on, towards to progress, towards to Europe! I don’t expect everything to go well there, but I am sure that the best technologies and specialists are already there; therefore, European hosting is cheaper, more powerful and more technologically advanced than Russian! Germany, if I am correctly mistaken, is the largest data center in Europe, where a huge digital infrastructure was built up for the World Cup.

Why HETZNER – I did not have much time to choose, I was relying on the images on the site, those words are not even known by Russian hosting companies – AMD Epyc, NVme and really “unique prices”.

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How to choose a silent fan position for Ryzen 7 in ITX case!

Why AMD Wraith Prism cooler is terrible should be obvious by now, but you have to understand and measure it! They keep selling it, they even made the LED light on it, and not just any light but configurable via USB, why if even the cheapest tower cooler is better than it! They are trying to sell it for $20 a second hand, although the difference between an oem version and a box version where it comes bundled with a processor is much less, and sometimes box is cheaper than an oem!

My hardware
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x – 65W TDP, there are also a 7 3800x it is ten percent faster, but in watts it is half that much – 105 watts; my attitude towards watts is like that – they couldn’t do it smartly faster so that’s why they raise voltages adding cooling and durability issues, but they all do it! After 95 degrees, the frequency starts to drop, so you have to cool it down befor 94 degrees.

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How to fix bugs in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS after installation + all necessary programs!

I am actually an Ubuntu fan! This is a system that once configured, works for years, so long that you forget the scare after installation and the adjustments that need to be made! To begin, I download the image Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS the installation is usual without tricks; be sure to check the boxes to download and install third party software!

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Storage: M2 SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus

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How to make a new WordPress website on VPS with nginx, MySQL, Letsencrypt!

First, you need to buy a domain ( name .com – name second-level domain in the zone com) from any Domain Registrar, not an intermediary, by buing it you must become it domain administrator! Previously, in the days of the savage squatters, the best names were already taken and they extorted money for them. But these dark times are now over, domain registrars are officially doing the same thing: all the best names have already been captured, and when you try to buy them, they say this is a VIP domain or auction domain, which means thay will sell it only when you pay a lot of money. The rest of the domain names of the second level have a stable purchase and renewal price, different in different areas.

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X725 Power Management Board bad shield of 18650 batteries for Raspberry Pi!

X725 Power Management Board board for two 18650 batteries for Raspberry Pi in general works and does not work!

What doesn’t work
– the function that can be activated by jumpers does not work completely – protection of the battery against over discharge, on or off when the power returns
– charging does not work when Raspberry Pi is on if the voltage of the accumulators is already approximately 3V (for example at 3.6V it is charging)
– The CHG light flashes constantly, that is, the battery is constantly discharging and charging, even if the power is on; in my opinion this should not happen
– Power comes on for anything – I pull the Ethernet cable out of the Raspberry Pi when it’s off – the x725 turns on!

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Testing 52Pi ICE Tower coolers for Raspberry Pi 4!

Is a cooler necessary for the Raspberry Pi 4? Sure: any fan or radiator will do. And I will try the biggest and coolest tower coolers from 52Pi!

ICE-Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi SKU: EP-0107
It looks big but it has only one copper tube. About the cooler: fasteners are well thought out, they do not interfere with the assembly of multi-layer structures, and hold on tight.

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Which USB drive choose for Raspberry Pi, to boot the operating system, on mSATA or NVMe

For whatever reason, the Raspberry Pi refuses to install eMMC or an interface for mSATA or NVMe drives on its boards, the SD speed is sufficient in most projects, of course, but in the context of other microcomputers, it already seems embarrassing!

I take Raspberry Pi 4 v1.1 4Gb of memory.
You need to install Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Lite (formerly known as Raspbian) in this version there is no desktop environment.

I download it here
And here I download the installer

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