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How to beat SPAM calls on a landline with Asterisk, IVR, Grandstream ht813 on Raspberry Pi 4!

As long as you live you must reinstall Asterisk – every time like the first time, solving problems for half a day, I don’t know why that happens! While the video card is training the neural network… Yes, and Orange PC Plus, by the way, from the first article Let’s beat spam calls via PSTN line with Asterisk with IVR by Grandstream ht813 on OrangePi PC Plus! – eMMC died, and the whole system… It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with Raspberry Pi, the cheapest PC, ooh! So what is happening, why in China the 4Gb version now costs $ 170, and in our country about 250 (ah andOrangePi PC Plus is already worth $40!!!)!!! Well, at least the cases for the RPi haven’t gone up in price, I took the Argon One, the version they no longer produce, I still have many accessories for the raspberry here, that’s the current version with two big HDMI Argon ONE V2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4 for just $25, that much you used to pay for RPi in old times!

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How to find forgotten password for RAR ZIP archive using John-the-ripper!

The usual everyday situation – an old file, a forgotten passwords, what can be done? It can be found by trying all possible passwords in an appropriate time using GPU, of course, if it is a human password and not 8 characters with a lowercase letter, a uppercase letter, a Cyrillic, an English, a number, a special character! You can also do it on the CPU and not on the GPU, but instead of months it will take years, it’s all about the cores in the processors, there are only a dozen cores in the CPU and there are thousands in the video card.

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How to migrate a website with WordPress and a phpBB forum from CentOS to Ubuntu on Hetzner!

The unforeseen happened, the creators of the most popular Linux for making websites sent them all to hell and they did it some time ago, it’s just now that I felt it myself when I wanted to update something and neither repositories work. The problem with CentOS was its brotherhood with Red Hat – commercial Linux, they pulled the code from the community (returning to CentOS), but at some point vendors said “fuck everyone”, that was the end of CentOS. And another thing – Hetzner prices go up 10% from September for new customers, but for old ones only from 1 January… Everything, everything, everything is pro to migrate now, and there is only one Ubuntu option left!!!

(That’s not the full price t +€2.26 for 47 Gb!)

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Telegram bot that augments and enhances photos with the GFPGAN neural network on a CUDA-enabled video card!

The initial idea was this: the Telegram bot saves all the images that are sent to it, then, every few minutes, it starts processing the images in the folder and the result is sent to everyone. The name of the recipient will be in the name of the file… everything seems to be simple, but it turned out to be very difficult to do: you have to go deeper into asynchrony and, in general… Soo everything will be simple and linear, bot receive a photo, go to process it immediately and let the others wait! And this time I will do it in Python, not in vain I heard (and well, I did all the homework) a free course CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python, and last time (4 years ago Mamma Mia!) everything was done in node.js Smart house monitoring with TelegramBot in Node.js!

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NVIDIA PNY RTX A4500 20Gb professional graphics card review with benchmarls in games!

Why do I need a professional card? And that’s the right question…

I have been watching this card since the beginning of the anomalous strengthening of the ruble and managed to buy it before its expected crash! I found a store where the price in dollars corresponded to Westerners (well, almost + 15-20% normal, taking into account the logistics and fat of the store), and in rubles corresponded to the course of the Russian stock market and bought it, thanks!

At first I looked at A4000 and here is a comparison with A4500 and A5000

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How to rejuvenate, change the gender of the face in the video with the STIT neural network – Stitch it in Time

Another video effects project with neuroprocessing STIT – Stitch it in Time can rejuvenate the face, age, change sex and much more, but with a but!

First the disadvantages noted:
– Poorly described, nothing at all except a couple of examples.
– It doesn’t make a full video with sound, it will show some kind of demo without sound (can be fixed)
– Cannot choose a face if there are many in the frame (cannot be corrected)
– You can’t select only a face. exmaple if you put your hand on it

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Resize and enhance old photos with GFPGAN on Windows via WSL2 and a card with CUDA (or without)!

GFPGAN is a set of tools and a ready-to-use neural network (you can train your own) to enhance faces in photographs, they also promise to improve the no face places, but somehow I did not notice the enhancement effect, although they resize it well! Project page: Everything works on Linux, of course, and it works fine, but today I’m going to use it on Windows, simply because Windows already has Linux called WSL!

I`ll need:
– Windows 10-11 latest version
– Nvidia video card with CUDA (I have rtx 2070), but it can also be done with only CPU!
– CPU with virtualization (almost all CPUs have it)

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How to improve, enlarge faces in a photo with GPEN neural network in Ubuntu!

I finally found a solution specifically to improve blurry photos while preserving the original face, and it’s amazing!

First of all thanks a lot to Tao Yang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie and Lei Zhang for GAN Prior Embedded Network for Blind Face Restoration in the Wild
Entregan gratis la versión pública del proyecto en github GPEN allows you to quadruple faces, it could quadruple many faces on same image. Like all great programmers, they don’t know how to write installation and usage instructions, that’s why I’m here …

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Let’s change the face in video or photo with DeepFaceLab!

DeepFake sounds like honey to the Russian ear! DeepFaceLab has Russian roots and a gloomy present, suffice to say that the only complete instructions and the support forum are on the p◯|~╓╖ web site – by the way, for that reason the stars are already worried about the existence of the technology DeepFake. However, I want to reassure the rest of the public, DeepFake does not threaten you, the main reason is that 2 Instagram photos are not enough for DeepFake, and even 1000 is not enough, especially if they are taken from the same angle. For a truly convincing DeepFake, you need thousands of head images in different positions; These can only be compiled for celebrities with a lot of roles, interviews and a lot of computing power is needed, using next generation video cards, which means that it is very expensive.

Personally, DeepFake fascinates me, this technology is capable of outraging all the most powerful home computers, it costs them hours to do a simple DeepFake; someone will remember that the first mp3 files were made at the speed of one song per night and it is only a matter of technological development, but it is another case.

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How to search for a person in the photo with OpenCV, dlib, face_recognition in Ubuntu 20.4

Actually, I will search for the Spanish actor Alvaro Morte, for no reason, because! There is a television series in Spanish with more than 2k episodes, and there are screenshots about 2k: I want to find it and I need to optimize that process!

I tried to use this manual Face recognition with OpenCV, Python, and deep learning but it turned out to be incomprehensible and it was necessary to register there, it just helped me with the installation. But Hussain Mujtaba’s manual really helped me Face Recognition with Python and OpenCV.

Install OpenCV
I will install it through pip, I already have it installed.
pip --version

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