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Review of Edge-V MAX as a TV Box for Netflix!

From the previous review, it was clear that Khadas with a standard cooling system cannot be used as a TV box, but if you create your own cooling system, you can give it a try!

If it hase ypur favorite TV shows, you don’t need to explain why I chose it. You just need to find out in advance if they are there, and you should not wait if there is a movie from the franchise, there are others, for example, on Netflix there is Despicable Me 1 and 2, and the third and the movie about Minions are not there! A subscription to two devices (you can watch on two at the same time) and HD costs 10 dollars a month, the first month is free, but you must indicate a real bank card when registering. HD is sufficient for televisions with a resolution of 1920 × 1080.

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How to share a USB printer-scanner in network for one PC in Ubuntu with USBIP!

I have a Kyocera FS-1125MFP printer, it cannot be said that it is not a network printer, it must be said that it is a very bad network printer and it is not a network scanner at all (always buy HP!). Well that’s what it is, I won’t buy a new printer model every year! There is an old laptop next to it just for scanning, which I will get rid of tars forwardinging the USB port from the Kyocera FS-1125MFP over the network to an Ubuntu PC. You could do it in Windows 10, same as Ubuntu, but Windows is so inadequate for that task that I didn’t even try.

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Khadas Edge-V MAX: Excellent and Terrible, review!

I have seen Khadas in the videos of many video bloggers, they described it with great enthusiasm, I thought it was something special, no, it turned out to be very strange, badly done, useless!

Like all bloggers, I certainly did not buy it on my own, it was a gift, but with the phrase “good for nothing!” I have a version Khadas Edge-V MAX the most expensive, with 128 Gb eMMC, in the RK3399 soc of 2017: think about it in 2020, those who are going to pay $ 230 for Khadas Edge-V MAX (this is only for micropc no power or anything)!

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DCPD: a duplicator of flash drives and a copier on SATA HDD, with access to files via Wi-Fi, on Node-Red and Raspberry Pi 4!

Today I will make a DCPD classic: “Dooms Content Party Device” that term I just invented right now, it may go viral. This device is for offline Wi-Fi internet, with a content traffic method with USB flash drives. Internet off-line in Cuba (Iran, China) works through the traffic of hard drives and connecting them to the PC, but it would be much more convenient to connect via Wi-Fi.

How it will work:
1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network itcook – created by DCPD
2. Go to menu DCPD in
3. Connect the USB flash drive to DCPD ,through the menu, copy it to the internal HDD

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USB flash duplicator on Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi interface on Node-RED!

I will make a device to copy data from one USB flash drive to another. As a base I will use Raspberry Pi 4, access through Wi-Fi, the Node-RED engine!

There are USB duplicators, these are turrets from 15 to 199 flash drives, at car prices! The closest thing I found here is StarTech 1: 2 Standalone USB 2.0 flash drive eraser and booster (black) in the west for $ 100, here in Russia for $ 300 each, but it’s USB 2 (and no Wi-Fi), and there’s USB 3 on the Raspberry!

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Lets play old console games on Raspberry Pi 3 in the NesPi case!

The mouse and keyboard are the real gamer weapons, the rest is not worth it. Honestly, in the 90s I didn’t play consoles at all, although a little earlier, I used to play on the Atari 2600. But the rest of the people played a lot …

…and the old games are still fascinating, they are no longer graphically suitable, but each one has its own charm and they are really complex. So the retro game simulator must be in every home! 30 years ago I saw Star Wars and did not know that there was such a detailed world, there were already so many games of consal that expanded that universe, judging by the first level, I could not go to the next, it is very hard!

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How to use Linux on Windows through Windows Subsystem for Linux – with examples!

There is an opportunity to use Linux (almost 100%) through the built-in features of Windows 10! For what? For automation using console commands. Windows is called Windows (window) for a reason, because you have to do everything with your hands and eyes, although initially in the history of computers everything worked automatically with information on the console using commands and regular expressions. The size of the information is growing, the literacy of the users too, the complexity and the practicality of the tasks as well, and therefore, Microsoft has released Linux on Windows, because its PowerShell scripting language has not taken off, it is not multiplatform, It is closed, not widely used, so there are no working examples for every occasion! And in Linux, this is all there, because it has been used and developed for decades!

I will put Windows 10 on a virtual machine, that iso evalcenter / evaluate-windows-10-enterprise Works 90 days free! Incredibly freshly downloaded, she stays for an hour to update something

Well, if you read that you are already used to Windows, but that surprises me, every time I launch Windows, rarely!

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How to send multiple emails from Excel with personalized content!

It is an atypical task, but it happens: you have to send 100 users their 100 new passwords, and how, by hand or something like that? If you have an office suite with Excel and Outlook in Windows (well I don’t have one), you can do it from an Excel sheet, I have a solution, almost, easy and elegant!

You must first activate Macros in Excel and add the Developer tab to ribben – find out how by itself, here I have a picture about Macros

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Lets monitor website with Node-Red and reports on Twitter!

I noticed that the marketing department of any hoster is more concerned with the quality of the service than the IT department! And they even respond on Twitter and they even promise to improve something … That on the one hand, on the other hand, when my site is dead, I don’t understand how it happened and when – that’s why I search on Twitter for the answer: if a meteorite fell on M9 or crooked hands again! So I decided to help myself and the marketing specialists to automatically report to Twitter when the site dies. I’ll do it on Node-Red, this is a Scratch adult analog! Image for a better understanding:

As the base I will use this wonderful article. creating-your-own-health-check-monitor-with-node-red-51fn , but I did almost everything differentlye!

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How to move a WordPress website, with the phpBB forum, to the new RUVDS server with everything and letsencrypt, http2!

I’ve already moved multiple times from one VPS to another (last time in 2016 here Configuring, moving, testing a new VPS on CentOS 6! ). It is easy to realize that it is time to run away from one hoster to the other. First, you should look at the cost, if your hoster is far behind the market, then the hoster is already rotten, at least it has stopped developing and growing. Second – website is slow in the afternoons with the same configuration and the number of visitors as at morning, this is not a shortage of resources, just an old server: a crappy hoster!

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